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About wood



Q: What kind of wood is used and why? 


A: I find that solid wood is the most natural and honest material in all the fields of carpentry work. I love the way that forests are sustainable: durability, longevity, recyclability of wood makes it the perfect material. 


My clients and collaborators place a value on my insight about matching wood to design. A great result depends on finding the right wood and understanding its unique properties: their level of hardness, their grain and their pore structure make a vital difference to the success of the project.


In my made to order Wood for the Bathroom Collection I use mainly the hardwoods of black walnut, chestnut and ash. Their simple grain gives my product the desired character. 



Selecting the wood
Q: how is the supply chain traced? 


A: I rely on the expertise of superb suppliers like Mr Jakob Röthlisberger of Girsberger AG.
Before the wood is delivered to the workshop, I visit the warehouse to look at the stem wood sections. Inspecting board for board, I go through the stems and decide on those boards that are suitable for my furniture. Depending on the species and size of the tree, I need multiple choices from the stems for making a single product. Here, in order to achieve a uniform overall presentation, I have to keep a special focus on the different shades and structures of the stems. This becomes even more important if

large scale production is required.


I am a partner in Sustainable Yachting Network. You can read more about this here. My suppliers are very aware of my desire for integrity in the supply chain and this is a learning journey for us both. 


Tree and forest
Mrr Jakob Rothlisburger of Girsberger AG
The Girsberger AG team fell a tree
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