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Wood for the bathroom





Q: What are you working on currently?


A: Currently, I am presenting my collection, Wood for the bathroom. The pieces are manufactured to the highest level of craftsmanship and the simple designs selected reflect the charismatic properties of the wood. The construction is also designed to work with the wood’s natural technical qualities so they are very strong.



Q: What kind of settings are suitable for
a wooden bath?


A: Wood is a strong, pliable and aesthetically pleasing raw material that can be produced with less energy and pollution than artificial materials such as steel and plastic.  Wood has natural properties that can enable elegance to be present in a variety of settings, such as the confined space of a yacht or small home, but wood is equally impressive when displayed in a large bathroom, a spa, hall or gun room, or as part of an integrated living and sleeping area.



Q: Is combining wood and water new?


A; The concept of a wooden bathtub or washbasin is not new. In Japan, for example, there is a long-standing tradition of people soaking in wooden tubs known as “ofuro” for pleasure, health, and relaxation. Stepping into a warm bath where the scent of wood combines with gently steaming water is regarded as an essential ritual at the end of every day. Making such a bath takes great skill. For the cabinet maker, there is a challenge to ensure that the wood is not adversely affected by its contact with water. However, using a hand applied multi-layered oil and wax combination in the surface finishing provides protection which with proper care can be durable for well over twenty years of everyday use - at least as long as a conventional bath.



My Lookbook


Just get in touch to obtain further information about my work. My Lookbook, which has real samples of wood, has been published and is available on request.



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