Wood for the baby




Q: Why did you choose babies as inspiration


A: As a Mother I wanted to create pieces that would not be thrown away when the child grew up. Instead they would be kept as a lovely memento. Some of these pieces could be used by a child when they were an adult. I love the idea of a modern heirloom.



Q: Why choose wood?


A: Wood is a strong, pliable and warm raw material that can be produced with less energy and pollution than artificial materials such as steel and plastic. 


Q: Why choose wood?


A: My nursing chair is based on an old design in use for centuries. Wood is natural, simple and warm to the touch. All my furniture has rounded corners to make it easy to use. ​


My Lookbook


Just get in touch to obtain further information about my work. My Lookbook, which has real samples of wood, has been published and is available on request.