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Frequently asked questions


How do make an enquiry or start a discussion?

Simply call us or send an email. Contact us here. 


Can I get involved with the design process and have something tailor-made for me?

Of course. Just get in touch.


Where are Eva Mechler products made?

They are made in Switzerland and Germany.


Where does Eva Mechler wood come from?

It mainly comes from Switzerland. Eva Mechler is a member of the Sustainable Yachting Network.


Can they be installed anywhere?

Yes they are suitable for all climates and geographical locations. We install anywhere, boats, homes, hotels, corporate hospitality suites.  Our special advice for care at and after installation can be found here.


How much do they cost?

The cost depends on the fine details of fitting the piece and its location. We will be happy to offer a quote when we know these details.


Do you make other furniture ?

Eva has concepts for further collections of furniture and these will be brought to the market when ready. As a trained cabinet maker Eva Mechler can make anything for the home, hotel, business, and yacht. Eva’s work extends to working with metal, too. 


How long does a wooden bath last?

With care 20 years or more - as long as a plastic or ceramic bath. It can be refinished to last longer. Think of a wooden bath as something you will take with you when you move home.  Learn more here.


How do I clean a Wood for the Bathroom Collection bath?

Just rinse with warm water and a wipe down after bathing using a little gentle soap if needed  - for more thorough cleaning Eva Mechler supplies the recommended cleaning lotion that you need. Learn more here.


Can I specify the wood I would like to use?

Yes, provided it has the properties necessary for water. I am happy to offer advice and suggestions about the best woods. Learn more here.


How long does does a project take?

It can vary from 16 weeks to 6 months or more depending on the size and complexity of the project. Get in touch and tell me more about what you need and we will be happy to give an estimate of time!


What happens when I move house?

These are furniture pieces that you don’t leave behind when you move house. If you need assistance with re-installation Eva Mechler operate an aftercare service.


Learn with us

For details of Internships / Practicum
Email us.


Get in touch

Just sign up to obtain further information or send an email to request an Eva Mechler Lookbook


Master furniture maker
A detail: master cabinetry
Master furniture maker examines wood stems
Wood that's made for water
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