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Q: What was the catalyst for working
with wood?


A: At the age of eight, I built my first piece of furniture with my grandfather. He built furniture and toys for my brothers and I, and he allowed us into his workshop. Previously, my grandfather had operated his own carpentry company at Fürstenberg in North East Germany. Inspired by him and the scent of wood, years later I followed in his footsteps and became a furniture maker myself.

Fürstenberg Havel
Eva's grandfather with Faska the dog
Eva's grandfather with his men

Q: What else inspires you?


A: I love the simplicity of functional things made from wood, like this water trough, fed by a stream that we came upon while walking in the mountains...


Ancient solid wooden trough Switzerland

I love shaker furniture


Wooden water trough showing how durable wood can be

Q: What else?


A: For me, Shaker furniture is the essence of simple design. I love the way it relies on good proportions, and employs the golden section to create a simple and  elegant result. Though it was never intended to be mass produced its clean lines and functionality has inspired a million copies. 


Eva mechler is inspired by Shaker design
Shaker design for wood

The only important thing about design
is how it relates to people

Victor Papanek

Q: What else?

A: The golden section is reputed to have been employed by Leonardo Da Vinci (but he

never cited this in his writings). The principle is a key influence in the concepts I create.


Q: What else?

A: Victor Papanek, who was a product designer once said "The only important thing about design is how it relates to people'. I think that when something is truly useful it can also be beautiful … like my 1960 Volvo. My car is like a friend - and as well as being a master furniture maker, I am also a trained metal worker and to extend the life of this great automobile, I fully renovated the galvanisation and chrome work you see in this picture.


The Golden Section produces beautifully proportioned objects
Eva Mechler is a qulified galvaniser and metalworker

Q: What else?


A: I love to be in nature, whether out walking or working. 


Eva Mechler loves to be in nature

Q: And finally?


A:  I love the scent and touch of wood.


Perfectly finished solid wood furniture
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