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Everyday care by you at home 


Eva Mechler solid wood furniture massivholz möbel is elegant, and is constructed to give decades of service and reliability. Every piece is finished and prepared for easy maintenance at home by the owner.


Cleaning supplies


Eva Mechler supplies two products to care for your purchase:


An environment and wood friendly cleaning liquid to be diluted with water. In normal everyday use, rinsing the surfaces with plain water and then wiping down with a soft lint free cotton cloth is usually sufficient to produce the desired result, but if washing soaps and other residue are evident and also stubborn to remove then an additional clean down with a special cleaning liquid is recommended. This cleaning liquid is recommended for infrequent washing down of the bathtub and washbasin and is especially appropriate after extensive or prolonged use of the bathroom furniture.  


Occasionally and only when needed, it is possible to refresh the finish of the furniture with a special orange oil supplied by Eva Mechler. The orange rich oil lotion has natural qualities for keeping the fine finish looking and performing at it’s best. The oil is applied directly by hand with a fine cotton (please do not use any type of micro-fleece or other artificial fabric of any kind). The oil is applied very sparingly and only when the bathtub or wash basin are showing signs of being overly shiny or dull. A quick and very thin application of the oil and being left overnight will restore the condition of the wood finish to its fine finish.


Please see the section on Assurance .

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