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  • Charles Barber

We are at Superyacht Design Week, London 28, 29, 30 June 2016

The world of superyachts knows no borders in terms of imagination, style and innovation, and where better to see Eva Mechler exquisite bathware than Superyacht DESIGN Week. It brings together infuential names from across the globe to explore the latest ideas at design debates, trend talks and think tanks.

We hope to meet you on our Stand so do look in and say hello.

High performance products, superb materials, top-quality workmanship, ravishing artistry - apart from meeting clients we'll be thrilled to be alongside some of the best artisans in the world.

Meeting the exacting standards demanded by the marine marketplace and the needs of a savvy clientele is not easy. Today’s taste is not just for luxury, it's for sophisticated yet relaxed comfort made with sustainability in mind. And there is a premium on genuine originality.

In fact, a huge amount of expert knowledge is offered on site. It’s a real opportunity to get to know Eva's work personally, discover her latest design directions and seek out specialist advice. We’re delighted to be at the heart of the event, once again. For more see

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