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Collaboration in practice

Updated: Apr 29

Eva Mechler collabrating with Winch Design
Eva Mechler sharing her knowledge at the studios of Winch Design

Great design needs collaboration in practice


Collaboration is well beyond the concept of pure transaction, and is engrained into every facet of the company Eva Mechler.  We mention here examples of Eva Mechler’s long standing collaborators:


Whilst today, Eva Mechler has a fully-fledged workshop with multiple skilled artisans at her side; for approximately fourteen years from the start, Eva Mechler was a one-person business, hands-on with every step from sketch to completion.  That position was tenable only with the willingness of several key partners as customers and as suppliers who were and are always on hand to offer not only the best quality service but also to share their expert knowledge, whether this be in materials or in systems. This is collaboration in practice at its best.



Material is a gift

Inevitably, being someone who specialises in the use of solid wood for the creation of my furniture and sculptured forms, I am acutely aware of the importance of the woodlands that support my work.  Wood is a wonderful material and deserves to be respected as a rare and precious resource providing practical solutions and enjoyment for the longest possible term.

The wood I use is purchased exclusively from sustainable forestry sources - including from the national forests or from international certified forestry operations.  My suppliers are aware of my demand for integrity in the supply chain and this is a constant learning journey for us both.  It is encouraging that my customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and this will lead to more robust and trustworthy supply chains into the future.

In 2016, I became a Partner of the Wood Forever Pact and I recommend everyone to consider supporting the pioneering work of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation:



Artisan Workshop for a design studio

Collaboration is always a two way street, and I was delighted to be invited by Winch Design to deliver my tailored workshops on furniture design and wood choices at the studios of Winch Design in London .. see image above.


Winch Design is a globally leading, multi-disciplinary studio of designers and architects encompassing bespoke land, sea, and aviation projects worldwide. Winch are renowned for their commitment to creativity and artisanship, combined with an ever progressive adoption of sustainable practice across every facet of their business.

In support of my workshop, Mr. Michael Modersbacher of the Austrian wood oil specialist Josef Schellhorn GmbH delivered a hands-on oil finishing demonstration.  While Mr. Jakob Röthlisberger of the company Girsberger in Switzerland, supported my workshop with examples of wood varieties from the woodlands of Europe.



Making hand-crafted furniture from superyacht decking off-cuts


Since first considering the concept of making furniture from superyacht decking off-cuts at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2021, we have built a close collaboration with the Bavarian yacht decking specialist Wolz Nautic.


The first prototypes of the Eva Mechler Lounge Collection used off-cuts of the modified wood ‘Tesumo’. Tesumo which was developed by Lürssen Yachts and Wolz Nautic.  Conceived as an alternative to teak for yacht decking, Tesumo has been selected by the owner of REV Ocean, and is noted for being strong, durable, and more resistant to weathering than other woods.


The first commission of an Eva Mechler Lounge Chair, made with off-cuts of Tesumo from an actual build, will be presented to the owner of a new yacht being launched this year (2024) at Pendennis Shipyard, England.

All items from the Lounge Collection made with Tesumo; a chair, sofa, stool, and table, will be available at the Wolz Nautic Showroom in their German headquaters. If you wish to fix a meeting for visiting, please contact Mr. André Hoffman directly .. andre.hofmann(at)

Design studio collaboration .. example one


Vripack Design is among the world’s most respected yacht design studios and is responsible for designing the highly innovative “Project Zero”, a 70 metre sailing yacht being built by Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands.


For Vripack Design, collaboration across all aspects of design and production is a critical philosophy and approach that they actively engage with every working day.  For a designer-maker like myself, this is an extremely valuable approach as there is a considerable amount of co-learning that can be achieved through a practical project.  I greatly appreciate these words from Marnix J. Hoekstra: “I’ve been following the beautiful work of Eva for over 15 years and witnessed it mature in refinement and creativity. Our recent collaboration on a smoked oak tub clearly demonstrated our kindred spirits in design and flawless execution of her craftsmanship.”



Design studio collaboration .. example two


Simplicity and elegance are hallmarks of the Paris based architecture and design studio with whom Eva Mechler has collaborated on unique bespoke projects past and present.  Respect for the quality in execution that Eva Mechler provides, coupled with the finely considered detailing from the designer, supports the creative relationship between designer and maker. It is a magical mix.



Design studio collaboration .. example three


Winch Design is a globally leading, multi-disciplinary studio of designers and architects encompassing bespoke land, sea, and aviation projects worldwide. Winch are renowned for their commitment to creativity and artisanship, combined with an ever progressive adoption of sustainable practice across every facet of their business.


Following the Artisan Workshop delivered for Winch Design in 2022, there is now an opportunity for Eva Mechler to design and produce furniture using reclaimed wood especially for Winch Design’s new studio premises being made ready for opening in 2024.  We respect this as a very special invitation since Winch Design could invite practically any artisan to participate, and it requires the highest level of trust between parties to be confident of an outcome that can work for everyone - and most especially for the clients of Winch Design who will experience the furniture when they visit their studio.



And so it grows ..


A most obvious collaboration for an artisan, is the support and intelligence one receives from media partners, be it web and brand design with Shona Maciver at Locofoco, Glasow, or leading publishing houses such as The Superyacht Group, The Robb Report, BOAT International Media, and the German publication Boot Exklusiv. All of these relations and more are what makes excellence possible for Eva Mechler and her team of artisans.


"Thank you for appreciating my work. I look forward to collaborating with you."

Eva Mechler, 15. April 2024, Zürich

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