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Eva Mechler Artisan Workshop for Winch Design in London

Eva Mechler delivers her tailored workshops on furniture design and wood choices at the studios of Winch Design in London - as seen here in November 2022.

Winch Design is a stand-out studio of designers and architects encompassing bespoke land, sea, and aviation projects worldwide. Winch Design are renowned for their commitment to creativity and artisanship, combined with an ever progressive adoption of sustainable practice across every facet of their business.

Eva Mechler was invited to deliver her Artisan Workshop covering design, materials, and crafting, with the Winch Design studios of yacht design, aircraft design and architecture.

Eva expresses her thanks to everyone at Winch Design who collaborated and participated in her workshops. Special thanks are due to Mr. Michael Modersbacher of the Austrian wood oil specialist Josef Schellhorn GmbH who delivered a hands-on oil finishing demonstration. Thanks are due also to Mr. Jakob Röthlisberger of the company Girsberger in Switzerland, who sourced and supplied examples of native species from the woodlands of Europe. Plus, Eva shares her warm thanks to her very welcome guests, namely Mr. John Leonida and Mr. Steve Keeling.

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