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Eva Mechler's unique blend of craft and design skill with production acumen make her a sought after collaborator among fellow designers and private clients with a vision in mind. Her practical expertise in product development hselp to underwrite the success of any product, whether for the mass market or a unique setting.



Production capacity


Eva completed her training in Germany in 2001 as a skilled furniture maker to master level. She is skilled in the use of 3D design software (Autocad, SolidWorks) and in the use of traditional hand tools and modern machine tools. Eva Mechler's training also includes galvanisation to master level.



Managing teams


She has extensive experience managing teams of highly skilled craft workers. Eva Mechler has been a workshop manager with responsibility for complete production from bench to machine to delivery - twelve and half years of direct experience.



Contract management


Eva Mechler also has a strong background in contract management. She has four and a half years of direct experience of managing projects any one of which is worth up to half a million Euros.


Eva Mechler  |  Schreinermeisterin  |  Massivholzwerkstatt Möbel Manufaktur

T: CH +41 43 818 51 25  |  Mobile: CH +41 78 904 74 87  |  Email us​


Eva Mechler  |  Tischlermeisterin  |  Massivholzwerkstatt Möbel Manufaktur

T: DE +49 33 967 50 88 40  |  Mobile: DE +49 175 593 51 77  |  Email us​​​

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