The Solid Wood Workshop



Wittstock, Brandenburg


We are located in an attractive old town that goes back to the 10th Century, and possibly earlier.


Our premises are a traditional carpenter's workshop that first opened its doors in 1882. 

When we arrived we discovered many old tools that had been left behind: we set about repairing them.


We did not intend to use many of them: we use state of the art tools to cut and shape wood with precision. In the old days carpenters relied on methods that took far longer.


But it is good to have tools from an older time in our workshop, because, apart from the fact that a few of the tools can still have a use today, it reminds us of the standards in solid wood massivholz set by those who went before.


Eva says, "The same approach and craft I was taught I now try to pass on to younger craftspeople who come to learn at my workshop." We invite a small number of interns to work with us every year.


If you would like to work as an intern you can find more information here.


If you would care to visit us get in touch and make an appointment. We will be happy to see you.








Eva Mechler  |  Schreinermeisterin  |  Massivholzwerkstatt Möbel Manufaktur

T: CH +41 43 818 51 25  |  Mobile: CH +41 78 904 74 87  |  Email us​


Eva Mechler  |  Tischlermeisterin  |  Massivholzwerkstatt Möbel Manufaktur

T: DE +49 33 967 50 88 40  |  Mobile: DE +49 175 593 51 77  |  Email us​​​

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