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What they say




Clients whether design professionals, organisations or individuals love Eva's work.


"As a follower of your work I think you possess a rare combination of design skills and craftsmanship as well as commercial acumen.

I know also that your innovation in the development and application of oils and waxes for water protection is significantly advanced.

Your pieces are designed in a way that enables repetition for manufacture without reducing the originality in your design and styling".

JD Designer, England


"I have known Eva Mechler for almost 5 years. I have been an admirer of her work since our first meeting in London in summer, 2015, inspired by her enthusiasm for her craft and the empathy with which she chooses and works with her materials.
I have been waiting for her new workshop to get up and running and to open discussions on possible avenues for collaboration".

SK Designer, England


“Wood & Water certainly is a well defined, beautiful, materialised and engineered product that has all its potential to succeed in the market”.

MH, Director, Switzerland

“I saw your creations, beautiful work”.
PK, Businessman, China


“I will keep in mind Eva`s great work”.
MS, Designer, France


“Beautiful woodwork”.
MA, Businesswomen, Germany


“One recognises genius at times”.
JK, Architect, South Africa


“I have seen your work and it looks stunning”.

MB, Cabinet Maker, Holland


“The workpiece is really great.
It is one of the best and most beautiful carpentry works I have ever seen”.
MM, Graphic Designer, Austria


“Eva Mechler has developed an everyday product into a rare experience”.
CB, Consultant, Switzerland


“A stunning, contemporary approach to making beautiful and useful things from wood”.
SM, Designer, Scotland


“Eva Mechler`s work is very good, it is individual and people recognise that”.
JW, Businessman, Switzerland


“When you touch it, it`s lovely, you feel the quality”.
CD, Designer, Switzerland


“I am proud to present Eva Mechler`s work. It takes my showroom to a higher level”.
ED, Distribution Partner, Switzerland


“Exceptional and original; gives a feeling of warmth and wellness”.
MT, Architect, Switzerland


“The warmth of the wood gives a special feeling, when you touch it”.
AZ, Businesswoman, Switzerland



Bathtub in solid wood
Tap and plug on a solid wood washbasin
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