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Whether a piece of furniture is being commissioned for a home, hotel, business or yacht, we aim to make the process flow seamlessly from initiation to completion. 


On agreement of terms, we will collaborate with you using sketches and examples of what we can do. We encourage you to talk about your needs in detail. Examples of woods, fittings are used to help visualise the initial concepts. 



Technical drawing


Your design will be presented as technical drawings for approval and sign off before starting work on the piece. These drawings will be used by Eva Mechler as construction blueprints. Once these are signed by the client or client’s agent, we will confirm a delivery date.





For complete new designs, full size prototypes will be created to test for functionality and styling. Smaller scale size models can also be prepared when these are suitable to explain the look and feel of the piece.





Production of all furniture will be closely supervised to ensure that our standards are met. The process normally takes approximately between sixteen to thirty-two weeks from approval of drawings but as every project is different we will confirm this after the technical specification is agreed.





Our crafted furniture requires installation to a matching standard. We will arrange for your furniture to be delivered, unwrapped and installed.


For furniture being delivered abroad, we will obtain a quotation for your approval.









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