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Understanding collectible design

Updated: Apr 25

"In the years following the recession of 2008, a new category of design emerged: contemporary collectible design. Traditional markets were volatile while collecting art and design became more than a passion project, they became good investments. This new design market blends the traditional connoisseurship typically found in vintage markets with the commercial framework of the art world, all while incorporating the experimental spirit of early post-modernism and studio craft movements. Unlike conventional product design, collectible design prioritises artistic expression and limited production over mass appeal and marketability. Designers work as artists, exploring their creativity freely - resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their own personalities and perspectives. Often these creations push the boundaries of materials, form, function, and aesthetics. I see this in Eva Mechler’s work, and am pleased to bring her distinctive designs of incredible craftsmanship to the American market. Eva has that particular blend of craft, form, and function that makes design so exciting – as new shapes become iconic forms, we get to experience history in real time."  

Joanna Frank, Joanna Frank Design Shop Ltd. New York

A four leg stool with an interesting shape
A collectible design: Eva Mechler's 400 Hundred Year Stool

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