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Eva Mechler is
award winning

Designer and
Master Furniture


The Solid Wood Workshop

Die Massivholz Werkstatt 



German Design Council 





International Yacht & Aviation Awards



"Eva has a rare combination of

design skills and craftsmanship as

well as the acumen

of a commercial

furniture maker". 

JD Designer




Eva Mechler is an award-winning master furniture maker who creates unique and beautiful pieces of furniture in solid wood massivholzmobel.


 She executes her own designs for private homes, yachts, corporate suites, spas, boutique hotels, and retail interiors.

She has been awarded a coveted first prize for Bespoke Cabinetry at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards.


Eva Mechler master furniture maker


Eva Mechler is a superb collaborator.


A rare combination of design flair, hands-on artisanship and production knowledge makes her a natural choice for bringing a vision to life.  

She is closely involved with every stage: from taking a project from rough sketch to detailed prototype and then on to final delivery.


Eva Mechler's 20 years of industry experience gives her a deep understanding of
state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. This is the basis of her impeccable standards of production. 


Eva Mechler's Collections are exclusively made to order. 


Wood for the Bathroom Collection is designed with the sensuality of water and the scent and warmth of wood in mind. 

Items in her Collections are bespoke furniture and can be modified to suit a particular need or requirement.


Eva Mechler furniture can be viewed at Dubachs Raumdesign GmbH 

and later this year at

Ottagono + Rechsteiner Interior AG



                                    Reach us at

                                  T: CH +41 43 818 51 25  
                               T: DE +49 33 967 50 88 40 
                            Mobile: CH +41 78 904 74 87  

                       Mobile: DE +49 175 593 51 77

Dubachs Raumdesign GmbH

Neue Jonastrasse 60A




Also, from November 2019

Ottagono + Rechsteiner Interior AG

Dufourstrasse 29

8008 Zürich


Wooden sink Holzwaschbeken
Eva Mechler design collaborator and Tischlermeister

"When someone sees my furniture I want them to fall in love with it.

The Solid Wood Workshop

Eva Mechler specialise in making furniture in solid wood.

Our Solid Wood Workshop Die Massivholzwerkstatt can be found in Wittstock between Hamburg and Berlin. 

Come and look inside.



Current Awards and nominations



Winner of the Bespoke Cabinetry Award in
The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Winner of the Iconic Award 2022: Innovative Interior

Nominee, Product Design (focus on craftsmanship),
Designpreis Brandenburg 2021

Nominee, Excellent Product Design, German Design Award 2022

Bathtub Holzebadewanne
Wooden bathroom accessories
Waschbecken aus Holz Washbasin
Badewanne aus Holz Bathtub in wood
Bespoke Wash-basin
Metal plughole in wooden sink
Detail: drawers
Japanese bath ofuro
Washbasin Waschbecken aus Holz
Artisanal bathtub
Bathtub Badewanne au Holz
Wooden Business Card
Bespoke furniture
Wood stem

Wood Forever Pact & Sustainable Yachting Network

Eva Mechler is a Partner of the Wood Forever Pact and a Member of the associated organisation Sustainable Yachting Network

'The initiative's main goal is to support a network of engaged actors (shipyards, designers, captains, crews, ship owners, equipment, raw materials suppliers, service providers, federations, regulators, media, educators) and promote environmentally
responsible actions and solutions for the yachting industry.'



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Reach us at:

T: CH +41 43 818 51 25  

T: DE +49 33 967 50 88 40

Mobile: CH +41 78 904 74 87  

Mobile: DE +49 175 593 51 77

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