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Eva Mechler

Eva Mechler is a master furniture maker and designer based in Germany and Switzerland. She creates exceptional pieces in solid wood for design collaborators and private clients.

Eva Mechler Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair, reclaimed wood

Eva Mechler wooden sink detail

Sink, walnut

Eva Mechler wooden bath

Bathtub, walnut



Joanna Frank
Joanna Frank
Design Shop Ltd.
New York,



T: +1.646.389.1733

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Joanna frank



Charles Barber
Collaboration specialist
at Eva Mechler



T: +41 79 306 14 40

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Charles Barber
Matthias Voit



Matthias Voit
Spa & Wellness Consultant
at Eva Mechler
Saarland, Germany

T: +49 163 4338348
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What they say


"Eva Mechler (b. 1977) possesses a unique blend of talents as an accomplished master cabinet maker (aka Tischlermeisterin / Schreinermeisterin) earning accolades for her proficiency in solid wood design, construction, and manufacturing. Her meticulous attention to detail enables her to envision and craft exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces of high-quality design.

What distinguishes Eva is her rare ability to oversee the industrial-scale production of designs, showcasing a combination of master craftsmanship and design skills. Grounded in a commitment to sustainability, her works align seamlessly with the contemporary eco-conscious consumer mindset. Whether she's crafting bespoke furniture, collaborating on projects, or developing her made-to-order collection, Eva consistently delivers to an impeccable standard."


Joanna Frank

Joanna Frank Design Shop

New York



"When speaking about Eva Mechler, truth is the word which springs to mind for me, first and foremost.  Her work is not marketing based, her furniture is made for a purpose.  Superior would be the word to follow suit, the way wood can be connected, how a choice of different kinds of wood finally make up one exceptional piece of well interior.  Singularity is what sums it up. Eva's level of woodwork actually is second to none.

I am glad to be a part of this adventure."

Matthias Voit

Out At Sea


"In the landscape of female makers, Eva Mechler stands out with her commitment to contemporary values. Her work in wood is ethical, sustainable, and authentic while demonstrating the power of timelessness. Standing at the intersection of design, craft, architecture, and social responsibility, she is the epitome of what it means to be a maker; to preserve skills, to retain craftsmanship as a marker of contemporary culture, and to teach us that simplicity is still an ideal way to celebrate sophisticated taste."

Daniella Ohad

Design Historian

New York

"Ive been following the beautiful work of Eva for over 15 years and witnessed it mature in refinement and creativity. Our recent collaboration on a smoked oak tub clearly demonstrated our kindred spirits in design and flawless execution of her craftsmanship."

Marnix J. Hoekstra

Vripack Design


"Eva, huge compliments on your new Lounge Collection, and I must say the Lounge Chair in particular is absolutely stunning!" 


Jim Dixon

Winch Design




"I have been an admirer of Eva's work since our first meeting in London in summer, 2015, inspired by her enthusiasm for her craft and the empathy with which she chooses and works with her materials."


Steve Keeling

DKT Artworks




"A stunning contemporary approach to making beautiful things from wood."


Shona Maciver

Locofoco Design


Eva Mechler wooden 400 Year Stool

400 Year Hundred Stool, oak

400 Hundred Year Stool, oak

400 Hundred Year Stool, oak

Eva Mechler wooden bath inner detail

Commission detail, oak

Eva Mechler wooden sink with copper plug

Sink, walnut

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